Get to know your Gumroad receipt

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Access your purchased content

After checkout, you will receive your receipt with a link that takes you to your purchased content. Simply click “View Content” and enter your purchase email when prompted to access your purchase.

Generate an invoice

You can print your own invoice by clicking the Generate link at the bottom of your receipt. If you need to customize your invoice, you can use the ‘Additional Notes’ field to add any relevant information. We are not able to customize invoices beyond that for you. 

Unsubscribe from emails

If you no longer would like to receive email updates from a seller, you can unsubscribe from future emails by clicking “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of your receipt.

Cancel memberships

You can cancel a subscription to your latest membership charge by going to the receipt and click "Subscription settings" or "Manage membership":

Contact the creator

If you have problems with your purchase, you can find the seller's contact information on your receipt for issues such as refunds or general questions about the product.

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