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How to generate your invoice from your receipt

Good news, friend! You can print your own invoice by clicking the link at the bottom of your receipt!

You'll be sent to Gumroad's revolutionary Invoice Generatorbot 6000. You can enter your full name and business- or personal address, and the invoice will arrive in your inbox as a PDF. If you need to add optional notes such as your business' specific information or invoice numbers, you can do that in the additional notes field. 


If you paid VAT and you're a business in the EU, you can also enter your VAT registration number and automatically process a refund for the VAT you paid. The VAT refund will take 2-3 days to arrive at your credit card or PayPal account. The invoice will display without VAT. Please note that everything you need on your invoice, you should put in the custom text box called "Additional notes" when you generate your invoice. Gumroad support doesn't have the capability to change or adjust invoices, so be sure to add anything your tax office might need.

Don't have your receipt?

If you cannot locate your receipt, please contact us, and send us the email address you bought with and the name or URL of the product in question. If you don't remember with which email address you bought the product, we have other ways of finding the purchase. So please reach out to us so we can resend you the receipt. More reasons why you might not have your receipt and how to fix it are here.

Older Purchases:

If you have products in your Library from purchases made long, long ago, simply open up those products in your Library and hit "View receipt":

No W9's?

Because Gumroad is a C Corporation, we do not issue W9s to customers. As a C Corporation, you are not required to send us 1099s for your purchases on our site. 

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