I never received a receipt

If you can't locate a receipt in your inbox, it is either:

  1. In your Spam folder.
  2. In another Inbox. You may have used a different email during checkout (emails linked with PayPal or Apple/Google Pay are the usual culprits). You can check the email address that you used here.
  3. If the above page can't find a match, there’s most likely a typo in the email address used at checkout. Contact us with the following purchase details:

If it's a purchase on a credit card

If the charge was on your credit card, you should email us with:

  • The last 4 digits of the card
  • The expiration date (MM/YYYY)
  • The card type (e.g. MasterCard/Visa/American Express, etc.)
  • The charge amount (in USD) and charge date

If it's a purchase made with PayPal

Go to your PayPal transaction invoice and look for an “Invoice ID” on the page, that looks like a series of numbers and letters, followed by two equal signs, for example in this image, it's GliB1-mnSPZUYwPX_oB34vQ==

If that were your invoice ID, simply plug that into this URL: 

https://www.gumroad.com/purchases/  [ Invoice ID] / receipt 

So, using the above example, you would get this:

You'll be sent directly to your receipt, with a download link and an invoice link.

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