How do I get a refund?

When you buy a product from a Gumroad creator, Gumroad only processes payments on behalf of that creator. We allow creators on our platform to set their own refund policies, and issue refunds to their customers (i.e., you!). We don't have insights into the creative process behind each of their products, or the ins and outs of their businesses, and we don't know what they may or may not be promising to customers. Finally, we definitely don't want to take money out of their pockets if we don't have to. Therefore, we defer to them. 

Here's an amazingly well-thought-out analogy:
Let's say you're at a farmer's market that is held in the parking lot of a local library. If you were going to ask for a refund on some fruit that you bought, would you ask the farmer that you bought it from, or the heavily burdened, extremely good-looking and smart head librarian? 

In case you missed it, Gumroad's support staff is the head librarian. Don't worry - in this analogy, you (the customer) were also very smart and good-looking. 

Therefore, just as in this case, if you have issues with the product you've purchased through Gumroad, or feel you deserve a refund, you should contact the creator of the product rather than Gumroad.

Looking for the contact information of the creator? Simply reply directly to your receipt email, or look at the "Reply-To" information on your purchase's email. 

If the creator is unresponsive after a week or two, please let us know, providing proof of your correspondence with the seller. We will reach out to them, and if they continue to be unresponsive we will issue a refund on their behalf. 

"But wait!," you might be asking, "Why did you italicize 'after a week or two'?" Well, because we do get a large number of requests for refunds mere hours after purchase. We will, in these cases, immediately forward these emails on to the product's creator and sit fuming in silence for a few days. 

But I didn't receive an email receipt in the first place!

What's that? You never got an email from us? Let's fix that! Please first check the SPAM folder in your email inbox. Nothing there? Please contact us immediately and we'll figure it out. 

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