How do I get a refund?

When you buy a product from a Gumroad creator, Gumroad only processes payments on behalf of that creator. We allow creators on our platform to set their own refund policies and issue their own refunds to their customers (i.e. you!).

Unfortunately, unless it was a fraudulent charge, we aren't able to refund you for a purchase—at least not right away.

Please write to us if you haven’t heard back from the creator for 30 days since first contacting them, along with the proof of correspondence. We will reach out to them, and if they continue to be unresponsive we will issue a refund on their behalf.

If you have issues with the product you've purchased through Gumroad, or feel you deserve a refund, you should contact the creator of the product. You can contact the creator by simply replying directly to your receipt email, or by looking at the "reply-to" information on your purchase email:

If you didn’t receive a receipt, please first check the spam folder in your email inbox. If you still cannot find your receipt, please go through the steps on this page.

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