I'm not receiving updates

If you are not receiving updates from a product you subscribed to, you may have inadvertently opted out of receiving all communication from the Creator.

To fix this, go to your receipt, which you can find: 
A) In your email inbox
B) By going to your Gumroad library (if you have a Gumroad account)
C) By checking for your purchase here

Then click "Unsubscribe"

You'll be directed to this page, where you simply have to click here to resubscribe. 

Check the Library

To see all of your product updates, create a Gumroad account with the same email as your purchase in case you don't have an account already.

In your Library, you can quickly access all of your purchases and any updates associated with them. Just click on the product's card and you'll see the product's up-to-date files and Posts.

You can read more about the Gumroad Library here.

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