Your Gumroad Library

Your library is the place you can find all of your Gumroad purchases. You can filter through your buys to find a particular product or easily access the content of a Membership you are subscribed to.

If a product was visible in your library and you can't see it now, please refer to this article for a quick fix.

How do I get a Gumroad library?

You don't need an account to make purchases on Gumroad. However, you'd need one if you want to have your own library and have all of your purchases in a single place.  

Create a new Gumroad account and you can access your library immediately from here. Be sure to sign up with the same email address you used to buy products, so your purchases could be synched with your new account.

Here is what your library will looks like:

If you have bought products under a different email address, no worries. Simply contact us and let us know what other email address(es) you had previously used. We can transfer all of those purchases to your fresh, new Gumroad library so you have everything in one place. 

If you happen to have multiple Gumroad accounts (and thus: multiple libraries) please refer to this article on how to fix that.

How do I add past purchases to my library, or purchases I got when I was logged out?

If you have bought a product on Gumroad and are not logged into your account, or do not have an account yet, this is how you would add that product to your library for safekeeping:

From your email receipt, click the View content button

If you have a Gumroad account (and are currently logged in) simply click Add to library on the product's download page.

If you do not have an account yet, you will see a prompt here to create one under the same email you've made the purchase with. Just pick your password, enter it in the box, and click Create:

You will now be able to access your library anytime by going to your Library page.

Can't see the product in your library? Contact us and we'll get everything right as rain!

Archiving and deleting products

Tired of seeing a product you don't use anymore in your Library? Not a problem, you can "Archive" or even "Delete" products, so they don't clog up your library page.  

To hide a product from your library, simply click on the three dots in the lower-right corner of that product and click ARCHIVE

You can access all of your archived purchases by selecting the "Show archived only" filter on your Library page or directly from here.

If you've archived something by mistake or just want to bring it back, go to your archived products, find the one you'd want to bring back and press the UNARCHIVE button to return it to your main Library page.

By clicking "Delete permanently" you can remove a product from your Library forever.

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