My purchase isn't downloading

There are a few reasons why a download may not be working from Gumroad. Here are the most common:

Downloading on Mobile Devices

Are you trying to download a file through the browser of your mobile device (phone or tablet)? Stop! Mobile browsers are not built for large downloads.

Instead, please use our mobile app to download files directly to your device, or:

  1. Download the files to your laptop or desktop computer
  2. Sync the files to your device. You can do this through iTunes, or My Computer, or whatever set-up your device requires


It may be the case that your internet connection doesn't support downloading large files (when downloading big files, sometimes your ISP has a time out limit) such as the one you have purchased. You can call your provider to know more, or click here to check if it is a general speed issue. You may find that sending the file to your Dropbox will be faster. Click here to learn more.

Worst case scenario - we recommend finding a faster internet connection (for example, at a nearby university, library, or coffee shop). 

You can also try checking Gumroad's delivery servers to see if there are outages in your area.

Browser Issues

Gumroad supports all modern, updated browsers. Click here to find out if your browser is up-to-date. Older browsers are not only more prone to errors, but they are less safe to use (i.e. they are more easily hacked). We highly recommend using Google Chrome for the best results. Avoid using Internet Explorer as it is a discontinued browser. 


If you have extensions or add-ons running - such as Adblock, Ghostery, etc. - your ability to download larger files might be impaired. If you temporarily disable those features, then refresh the download page, the download may work better. 

By going to the Settings menu of your browser, you will be able to disable your extensions. In Chrome, click Chrome > Preferences, and then Extensions to get to this page:

For Firefox, click Firefox > Preferences > Extensions

For Safari, click Safari > Preferences > Extensions

File Format

You can see the file format on the View Content page to the right of the product title. If you don't recognize the file format and don't know how it's meant to be used, you can reply directly to your receipt to get in contact with the seller who can provide tech support. 

If the file is a .zip or .rar format, please refer to this article for more information. 

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