Incorrect recurring charge

As long as you have not purchased a membership on Gumroad, you will not be automatically charged again for the same product. Recurring charges only occur for membership products, and you can cancel them anytime you wish.

If you are still seeing a “Recurring” message for one of your non-membership purchases, it is wrong and you can safely ignore that. Read along if you still wish to know why that might be happening.

Recurring charge on your card statement

Sometimes banks assign a "recurring" designation to one-time charges when our payment processor (Stripe) securely saves your payment information for future use, allowing you to purchase without re-entering your CVC code each time.

The "recurring" flag only means that the card was saved for future charges.

Recurring charge on PayPal

If you've tried paying for a product on Gumroad using PayPal, you were probably hit with a message about allowing recurring payments from Gumroad.

Apologies for any confusion. This ham-fisted messaging lacks any nuance or explanation for what their policy entails.

Here's what their messaging should have said:

"If you buy a product on Gumroad using PayPal, and create an account on Gumroad after that purchase, and save your PayPal information in Gumroad, and later log in to your Gumroad account and go to buy another product on Gumroad… then you would not have to log into PayPal to buy this product. It would be a one-click purchase."

So really it’s just about making your future purchases more frictionless.

There are no unauthorized recurring payments on Gumroad.

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