Guide to Memberships

What are Memberships?

Memberships are a great way to get the latest project updates and products from your favourite creators.

A Membership is a recurring subscription to a creator —This can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual, depending on what they offer — which grants you access to exclusive content.

Memberships allow creators to offer you products like recurring content, courses, and paid communities and newsletters.

How to buy a Membership

To buy a Membership, navigate to the Membership tab on the creator’s profile page and choose a tier (some Memberships will have only one tier). Click on the "Subscribe" button and complete the checkout form to purchase. 

How to access your Membership

You can access your Membership through your Gumroad Library if you have an account. Or through the "View content" button in your membership’s receipt if you don’t have an account.

Through any of these two methods, you will be taken to the page from where you can view all the content in the Membership and any Posts the creator has made. You can also view or resend your receipt from in there.

Managing your Membership:

To manage your Membership, click on your Membership product in your library. You will now see a few buttons at the top of the page. The second one says: "Manage Membership." Click that and you will be able to change your payment method, tiers, and cancel your Membership. More on these below.

You can also access "Manage Membership" through the receipt we send you for every charge:

When you click "Manage Membership" you’ll be able to see what your current billing plan is for your Membership and, if the creator has enabled multiple ways to pay for your Membership, you’ll be able to change that as well. Don’t forget to click “Update membership” once you are finished making changes.

Cancelling your Membership

The Manage Membership page is also where you can cancel your Membership. Here are some more detailed instructions to cancel your Membership, if you need it.

When a Membership is cancelled, you'll have access to the content up until the date when the Membership would have been renewed.

Updating your payment information

Under "Manage Membership" you can also update your payment information. If you want to switch from using a credit card or PayPal and vice versa, click "Use a different card?"

Changing tiers

For Memberships with multiple tiers, you have the ability to change tiers or payment frequencies at any time and choose how you want to support creators. You can, again, do this in the "Manage Membership" area.

If you upgrade your Membership to a higher tier, you will be charged a “prorated” rate. You will get a discount for the remaining part of your subscription, which will be subtracted from your new Membership rate. The discount is calculated as of the end of the current day.

If you downgrade your Membership (move to a lower tier) your current plan won’t be changed immediately. We will wait until the end of your billing cycle to downgrade.

You will get a receipt of your change in your email inbox.

Fixed-length Memberships

Some Memberships will be of a fixed length. An example of this is a course that the creator is bringing out over the course of a few months. After all the content has been delivered, your Membership will stop, automatically. 

You will, of course, still have access to your content after the Membership fee ends.

Restarting a Membership

Sometimes you regret your past choices and you want to come back to a Membership that was previously cancelled. Or your creditcard charges are failing and your Membership is cancelled automatically. No worries! You can actually restart your Membership from the previous receipts that we send you. Click the "Manage Membership" link, make sure your credit card or PayPal details are current and correct and click "Restart Membership" and you're set!

Alternatively, you can always get a new iteration of the Membership from the creator's profile page, but there can be price increases. When you restart an old Membership you will keep paying the price you originally paid.

FAQs about Gumroad

Q: What is Gumroad? 

A: Gumroad hosts files and processes payments on behalf of creators, large and small. By buying this Membership product, you are supporting one of these creators. More information can be found here: A guide to buying on Gumroad.

Q: Is Gumroad safe? Is my payment information safe? 

A: Yes. All your payment information is tokenized and encrypted in a PCI compliant ecosystem. You can learn more here about safe buying on Gumroad

Q: My Membership purchase was cancelled. Why? 

A: Either the creator has cancelled your Membership, or your recurring payments have failed. More information about why payments fail can be found here.

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