Recurring PayPal Payments?

If you've tried paying for a product on Gumroad using PayPal, you were probably hit with a message about allowing recurring payments from Gumroad.

Apologies for any confusion. This ham-fisted messaging was written by PayPal and lacks any nuance or explanation for what their policy actually entails.

Here's what their messaging should have said:

"IF you buy a product on Gumroad using PayPal...
AND you create an account on Gumroad after that purchase...
AND you save your PayPal information in Gumroad...
AND you later log into your Gumroad account and go to buy another product on Gumroad...


You would not have to log into PayPal to buy this product. It would basically be a one-click purchase."

So really, it's the same thing as creating an account on Amazon and saving your payment information on there.

There are no unauthorized recurring payments, the only "recurring" payment would be if you were to buy more things on Gumroad using your PayPal.

If you are unhappy about the messaging, I implore you to write to PayPal's support staff to tell them about it.

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