Removing and restoring products from your library

Sometimes we buy things, in our very un-Kondo-like ways, that simply don't spark joy. Not to worry! Gumroad offers you a way to clean out your closet with just two clicks.

In your Gumroad library, simply scroll to the product that you want to archive or delete. 

Click the three dots that appear when you hover over the product. 

You'll see an Archive button and a Delete button. If you want to permanently remove the product, click "Delete." If you merely don't want to see the product anymore, but might want to access it later, archive it.

Feeling regret? Accidentally get a little trigger happy? You can easily see your archived products again by clicking Show archived only on the left side of your screen. Then 

1) Click the product's toggle (the three buttons)

2) Click "Unarchive" 

It will disappear and live in your library once again.

Deleting a product will remove it from your library forever. If you want the product back, please email us


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