Report a Gumroad creator

We can all play a part in making our community safe for everyone by speaking up when we see something that violates Gumroad’s values. You can read more about what we allow and don’t in our terms of service here, but in sum, if someone on Gumroad is selling content that:

  • Encourages or promotes discrimination based upon race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age;
  • Threatens harm to or discloses private information about an individual;
  • Is not their work (this includes plagiarism and selling used goods);
  • Violates the federal law of the US

Then, you can report them by contacting us.

After filing a report

Once you fill out the form, a staff member will review the product in question and determine whether or not it violates the Gumroad Terms of Service. The first violation will result in the product being removed from Gumroad and the user’s account will remain open. After the second violation, the user will be given a two-weeks notice before their account is deleted.

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