How to open ZIP and RAR files

On a Mac

Locate the ZIP file and double-click on it. That's it. A new folder will be created and all unzipped files will be there, ready for use.

If you’re trying to open a RAR file, we recommend trying with the free software The Unarchiver.

On a PC

Locate the file and right-click on it. Click “Extract all”.

For RAR files, try downloading and opening the file with WinRAR (it’s free!)

On a mobile device

We advise that you not try to open a ZIP file on a mobile device. There are multiple free apps in the App Store and Google Play that could conceivably unzip your download, but we recommend doing it on a laptop or desktop device.

Fixing common errors

You may see a message about the ZIP file being corrupt, password-protected, or missing some files. Please try downloading the file again from your email receipt and try unzipping again.

If that doesn’t help, the file is likely corrupt and you’ll have to contact the product’s creator to get that fixed!

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