How to use the Gumroad Library app

What is the Gumroad Library app?

We built the Gumroad Library app to help Gumroad customers have the best mobile experience possible. The Gumroad Library app serves as a mobile version of the Gumroad Library. It offers native experiences for watching, listening to, and reading mobile-friendly Gumroad products.

Gumroad Library for iOS

Before you begin, make sure you have downloaded and installed Gumroad Library on your iOS device. Currently, the app is officially supported on all iPhones, iPods, and iPads running iOS7 and above.

Logging into the app

When you click the Open in App button, you may be prompted to use login information on the Gumroad app. If you already have a Gumroad account, simply log into the Gumroad app using your known email and password. If you do not have an account, we will provide you with a brief number code to use as your password. You can also sign in with Apple, Twitter, or Facebook

Once you login to the app using this code, your Library will already be full of goodies. Goodies that you paid for, but still, the magic is the same.

Enjoying content in the app

Scroll through your library, or filter your products, and tap the cover image of a product to access its attached files and posts

To download the files in a product directly to your phone for offline access later, slide the toggle "Available Offline" to the right. This will start the download process for your files. Currently, you cannot choose which files you wish to download from each product; all files attached to a product will download.

Gumroad Library for Android

Before you begin, make sure you have downloaded and installed Gumroad Library on your Android device. Currently, the app is officially supported on all Android devices with screens up to 7 inches wide, running Android 4.1 and above.

We have organized this article so that you can easily understand the purchasing flow and how to open your products.

Buying on your desktop?

If you buy a product on Gumroad, and it is mobile-friendly, on your receipt you will see an Open in App button. Click that and follow the instructions to open the product in the app.

If you do not have a Gumroad account, you may have to use a temporary password to log into the app. If you already have a Gumroad account, the product will be in your mobile library when you open the product.

Buying on your Android?

When you buy the product on your Android device, you should click the Open in App button in your receipt. Now follow the instructions to open the product in the app.

If you do not have an account with Gumroad, you may have to enter your phone number to receive a login link from us. If you already have the app installed, you will be able to open your purchase immediately. If you don't, simply: 

1) Download the app
2) Go to the receipt again, and
3) click Open in App.

Enjoying content in the app

To access your products, click their cover images, and then click the files within that product to access them - either by streaming them or downloading them to your device. Some video files will not be downloadable - that is the prerogative of the video's creator. If the files are downloadable, swipe on the name of the file from the right-to-left and you will see the download button. 


Q: Why doesn't my purchase show up in the app?
It is possible that the product you purchased is not mobile friendly. For example, it might be a ZIP file, which needs to be opened on your desktop. Or a Mobi file. Essentially, the product does not contain a file that can be read, watched, or listened to on our app. 

Q: My "Open in App" button is not working. 
A: Please contact the seller and ask them to send you a new receipt. From that receipt, follow the steps listed above. Click here to learn how to find the seller's contact information.

Q: There are files missing from my library!
A: Email Gumroad's support team using our contact form, with the name of the product you purchased and the email address you used to buy it. We will gladly add this product manually to your library! If the file is not mobile-friendly, however, we will not be able to add it to your library.

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